Worksheet on ratio and proportion word problem

In this post, students will get Word problem worksheet based on the ratio and proportion with the solution. So, if you are looking for word problems, read this post completely.  Q.1 The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school of 720 students is 7: 5 . How many more girls should … Read more

Practice test on linear equations

Here, you will get practice questions for linear equations that you can solve to check your problem-solving skill . This test contains MCQ-type questions, one-word or fills in blanks-type questions, etc. So, try to solve these problems with the timer and check your result at last. Before the test, you can revise through given stuff  … Read more

MCQ : Linear equation in one variable worksheet

Choose the correct option  Q.1 If 2x+7=11 ,the value of x is  (a) 2    (b) -2  (c) 3  (d)  Q.2 If 8x – 3 = 5x – 7 ,then x is  (a) (b) (c) (d) Q.3 “Eight times m plus 3 gives 85” is written in equation form as  (i) 3m + 8= 85  … Read more

Worksheet on word problem of linear equation

In this worksheet on the word problem of linear equation,you will get different type of word problems based on age ,number and geometry for practice. Deriving and Solving linear equation word problem  Q.1 Convert the following statement in the form of the equation and then solve   (i) 7 added to twice a number gives 59 … Read more

Writing and solving equation from word problem worksheet

In the case of a word problem, first, we form the equation from the given statement and then solve it. Procedure to solve the word problem Step: 1 Read the given question carefully and try to understand what is given and what we have to find . Step: 2 Denote unknown quantity of equation by … Read more