Trigonometric Identities Worksheet with solution

  Q.1 Prove that √sec²θ + cosec²θ = tanθ+cotθ Solution Q.2 Prove that  Solution Q.3 Prove that  Solution Q.4 Prove that : (sinθ+cosecθ)²+(cosθ+secθ)²=(7+tan²θ+cot²θ) Solution Q.5 Prove that : Solution   Q.6 Prove that : Solution Q.7 Prove that :  Solution Q.8 If 1+sin²θ=3sinθcosθ then prove that tanθ=1 or Solution Q.9 Prove that:  Solution Q.10 Prove … Read more

Proving Trigonometric identities Worksheet[With Solution]

Problem: 01 Prove that: √sec²θ + cosec²θ=tanθ+cotθ Solution : LHS= √sec²θ + cosec²θ =√(1+tan²θ)(1+cot²θ)                  [Using identity : sec²θ=1+tan²θ and cosec²θ=1+cot²θ] = √(tan²θ + cot²θ + 2)  = √(tan²θ + cot²θ +2tanθ.cotθ)  [tanθ.cotθ=1] =√(tanθ+cotθ)² =tanθ+cotθ = RHS    Hence proved  Problem: 02 Prove that : +sinθcosθ=1  Solution:  LHS= … Read more

Learn anything using Feynman technique [With example]

Feynman technique for students

Today, We’re going to discuss a famous learning model which is known as the “Feynman Technique”.Feynman technique is for those who struggle to learn any new concept or skill. This model has helped many students and business owners to solve and understand complicated problems in a simplified manner. It was first introduced by Richard Feynman, … Read more

Cube root using ones and tens method

Using ones and tens method, we can find the cube root of any perfect cube having at most 6 digits.This method is not applicable for the number having more than 6 digits like 5832000. So,keep it in mind while using this method  Important points :  If a number ends with digit 0,1,4,5,6 and 9 .Then … Read more

[Important examples]Finding cube root using factorization method

In this post, we’re going to find cube root using the factorization method. But, you haven’t learned the basic procedure for cube root using the factorization method, check this article. In this post, I have covered every step with images and at the end you will get examples as well as practice problems with answer.  … Read more

Cube root using factorization method[With each step image]

In this post, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to find cube root using the prime factorization method. For that, we’ll first discuss the procedure of the prime factorization method for cube root. Then, see some solve examples and at the end, you’ll get practice problems with answers. So, you can check your concept with the … Read more

Square root of decimal number :[Procedure ,examples and practice problem}

In this post, we’re going to learn to “find the square root of decimal numbers using the long division method”.So, till now we have learned to find square root using factorization,one tens method, and long division method. If you didn’t read these stuff, check now  Today we’ll learn the complete concept of finding the square … Read more