Addition of Integer Worksheet | With Answer

Here, you will “Addition of Integer Worksheet” which you can practice to strengthen your concept. The answer to Each problem is given at the end of the Worksheet  Problem:01 Find the sum of following integer  (i) + 56 and + 63 (ii) – 72  and – 44  (iii) -22  and +76  (iv)  32 and -42  … Read more

CBSE Class 4 Mathematics Chapter 1 Building with Brick Worksheet

Q.1 How many Faces Does a Brick have  (i) 4  (ii) 5  (iii) 6 (iv) 8  Answer: (iii) 6 Q.2 Number of Edges in a Brick  (a) 8  (b) 12  (c) 16  (d) 10 Answer:(b) 12 Q.3 A brick is of which Geometrical Shape? (a) Cube  (b) Square  (c) Cuboid  (d) Rectangle  Answer:(c) Cuboid Q.4 … Read more

Long and Short Class 4 Mathematics Worksheet With “Detailed Answer Key”

Question:01 Write down the suitable measuring units for the following Quantity ( in Km,m, or cm) (i) Length of a Pencil  (ii) Length of your Classroom Blackboard  (iii) Height of a person  (iv) Distance from your Home to School  (v) Height of your classmates  (vi) Size of your study table  Question:02 Convert Following Bigger Quantity … Read more

Sin3A Cos3A Tan3A formulas

In this post, we’re going to discuss Sin3a,cos3a, and tan3a formulas. This is the concept of Trigonometric function at multiplies of angle such sin2x,…etc.We’ll see sin3a ,co3a and tan3a derivation with example . But, to derive given formulas you must know other basic trigonometric formulas.                     … Read more

Trigonometric Identities Worksheet with solution

  Q.1 Prove that √sec²θ + cosec²θ = tanθ+cotθ Solution Q.2 Prove that  Solution Q.3 Prove that  Solution Q.4 Prove that : (sinθ+cosecθ)²+(cosθ+secθ)²=(7+tan²θ+cot²θ) Solution Q.5 Prove that : Solution   Q.6 Prove that : Solution Q.7 Prove that :  Solution Q.8 If 1+sin²θ=3sinθcosθ then prove that tanθ=1 or Solution Q.9 Prove that:  Solution Q.10 Prove … Read more

Proving Trigonometric identities Worksheet[With Solution]

Problem: 01 Prove that: √sec²θ + cosec²θ=tanθ+cotθ Solution : LHS= √sec²θ + cosec²θ =√(1+tan²θ)(1+cot²θ)                  [Using identity : sec²θ=1+tan²θ and cosec²θ=1+cot²θ] = √(tan²θ + cot²θ + 2)  = √(tan²θ + cot²θ +2tanθ.cotθ)  [tanθ.cotθ=1] =√(tanθ+cotθ)² =tanθ+cotθ = RHS    Hence proved  Problem: 02 Prove that : +sinθcosθ=1  Solution:  LHS= … Read more

Learn anything using Feynman technique [With example]

Feynman technique for students

Today, We’re going to discuss a famous learning model which is known as the “Feynman Technique”.Feynman technique is for those who struggle to learn any new concept or skill. This model has helped many students and business owners to solve and understand complicated problems in a simplified manner. It was first introduced by Richard Feynman, … Read more