Worksheet on word problem of linear equation

In this worksheet on the word problem of linear equation,you will get different type of word problems based on age ,number and geometry for practice.

Q.1 Convert the following statement in the form of the equation and then solve 

 (i) 7 added to twice a number gives 59 . Find the number

(ii) If 3 is subtracted from 5 times a number, the result is 42 . Find the number 

(iii) Saurabh is 6 years older than his sister Isha . The sum of their ages is 24 . Find the ages of Saurabh 

Q.2 Find the number which when multiplied by \frac{5}{6} gives the product as 60.

Q.3 The sum of two odd consecutive numbers is 100 . Find the numbers 

Q.4 Find two consecutive even numbers whose sum is 502 .

[Hint : Consecutive even numbers are 2x,2x+2,2x+4……]

Q.5 A number added to its three-fourth is equal to 91. Find the number

Q.6 In a class of 40 students, the number of girls is \frac{3}{5} of the number of boys. Find the number of girls in the class.

Q.7 After 15 years,Mayank’s age will become 4 times that of his present age. Find his present age.

Q.8 In April 2005, Abhay’s father was 11 times as old as Abhay. In April 2007, he will be 3 times as old as Abhay. How old were they in April 2005?

Q.9 Isha is 5 years younger than her brother. After 4 years, their ages will be in ratio 2: 3, find their present ages 

Q.10 Length of a rectangle is 3 m less than four times its breadth. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 94 m, find its length and breadth.

Q.11 The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 1: 2: 3 . Find the measure of all angles of the triangle 

Q.12 In Δ ABC, ∠A=\frac{2}{3}∠B , ∠B= \frac{3}{7}∠C .Find all angles of ΔABC .

Q.13 A sum of 750 Rs is in the form of denominations of 50 Rs and 100 Rs . If the number of 100 – rupee notes is twice the number of 50 – rupee notes, find the number of notes of each denomination 

Q.14 Arjun has some 1-rupee coins and some 2 – rupee coins in his piggy bank. The number of 1-rupee coins is thrice that of 2-rupee coins. If the total value of these coins is 50 Rs, find the number of coins of each denomination 

Q.15 Chetan is 10 years older than Isha. 5 Years ago, Chetan was twice as old as Isha . Find the present age of Chetan 




(ii) 9 

(iii) 18 years old 


Answer: 72


Answer: 49 and 51


Answer: 250,252


Answer: 52


Answer: 15 girls 


Answer: 5 years old 


Answer: Abhay= 3 years old and Abhay’s father = 33 years old 


Answer: Brother age= 11 years and Isha age = 6 years 


Answer: Length = 16 m and breadth = 10 m 


Answer: 30º ,60º ,90º


Answer: 30º ,45º ,105º


Answer: Number of 50-rupee note= 3 and Number of 100-rupee note = 6 


Answer: No. of 2 rupee note = 10 and No . of 5-rupee note= 30


Answer: 25 years old 

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