Word problem on addition and subtraction of integer with answer

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Problem: 01 A submarine is positioned 1300m below sea level. If it ascends 450m, what is its new position?


Integer word problem

The initial position of the Submarine is 1300m below sea level i.e   -1300m   

( Negative sign denote,” position below sea level “)

Now Submarine ascends 450m (move 450m upward) i.e +450 m 

(Positive sign denotes, “Upward movement of the submarine ) 

∴  The new position of Submarine = -1300 + 450 = -850m 

Now, It is  located 850m below the sea level

Problem: 02 The Roman civilization began in 509 BC and ended in 476 AD. How long did the Roman civilization last? [Hint: There was no zero year] 

Solution:Integer word problem


  • “O” denotes the ending of the BC era and starting of AD 

The  beginning year of Roman civilization was 509 BC

and, it ends in 476 AD 

Ruling duration of Roman civilization = 509+476=984 years 

Problem: 03 Isha traveled in a bus towards the east of Delhi by 58km and then towards the west of Delhi by 82km. How far was she from Delhi finally?

[Hint: Distance towards the east is represented by a positive integer ]

Solution: Integer word problem Isha traveled towards the east of Delhi by 58Km = +58 Km

then, travel toward the west of Delhi by  82 Km = -82 Km 

integer word problem

Location of Isha is +58-82 = -24 km

So, Isha is 24 km west of the Delhi 

Problem: 04 Mercury is a metal, which is liquid at room temperature. Its melting point is -39ºC. The Freezing point of alcohol is -114ºC. How much warmer is the melting point of mercury than the freezing point of alcohol? 

Solution: Mercury integer word problem The melting point of mercury is -39ºC 

Whereas, the freezing point of alcohol is -114ºC 

The melting point of mercury is warmer than the freezing point of alcohol by (114)-(39)=114+39=-75ºC 

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