Step-by-step guide for “How to solve inverse proportion problems”

Q.1 A girl reaches school in 40 minutes when she travels by foot at the speed of 12 km /hr. How much time will she take to reach school if she cycles at the speed of 30 km /hr  You must know this  How to identify whether a given problem is of direct proportion or … Read more

Inverse proportion worksheet with answer

In Inverse proportion  If one quantity increases, the other decreases, and if one decreases, other increases  If x and y vary inversely, then x×y=k  Q.1 10 people can dig a well in 6 days. How many extra men should be employed so as to finish the work in 4 days? Q.2 A shopkeeper buys 50 … Read more

Direct proportion worksheet with answer

Some important Points :  In the direct proportion, if one quatity increases, the other also increases, and If one decreases, the other also decreases  We write Quantities as = Q.1 If 192 bananas cost 320 Rs then find how many bananas can be bought for 200 Rs. Q.2 Rita covers a distance of 165 km … Read more