3 integer hot questions with solution

Q.1 A well has 15 steps inside it. The water level is at the ninth step. A frog is sitting on the topmost step  (a) The frog jumps 3 steps down and then jumps 2 steps up. In how many jumps will it reach the water level  (b) After reaching the water level, the frog … Read more

Worksheet on addition and subtraction of integer

  Q.1 Find the value of the following addition  (i) 3+(-7) (ii) (-12)+(-1)  (iii) 1+(-3)+11 See given table  Note:  (i) In addition, we use the same given integer sign in the result as well (ii) But, in subtraction, we use the sign of number which is greater  Solution:  (i) We have, 3+(-7) First integer = … Read more

Worksheet on properties of integer

Worksheet on properties of integer

Q.1 Fill in the blanks and write the name of the property used in each case  (i) -16+(-5) = -5 +— (ii) -561 + —=-561  (iii) -18+(-4)=— Q.2 For a=-12 and ,b=4 and c =-25 find whether  (i) a and b are closed under addition  (ii) a+b=b+a  (iii) a-b=b-a  Q.3 Find a pair of integers … Read more