Worksheet on word problem of linear equation

In this worksheet on the word problem of linear equation,you will get different type of word problems based on age ,number and geometry for practice. Deriving and Solving linear equation word problem  Q.1 Convert the following statement in the form of the equation and then solve   (i) 7 added to twice a number gives 59 … Read more

Linear equation in one variable word problem worksheet

Q.1 The perimeter of a rectangular park is 200m . Its length is 10 m more than twice its breadth . What is the length and breadth of the park? Solution: Let the breadth of the park is x metres Then, Length =(2x+10) Metres  Perimeter of park=200m  ∴ 2(2x+10+x)=200  2(3x+10)=200  6x+20=200  6x=180  x=30  So,Breadth of … Read more