Worksheet on division of integer with solution

Before dividing any integer, you must know these 2 rules  If the divisor and divided are of the same sign, then quotient is positive  If the divisor and divided are of the opposite sign, then quotient is negative  Q.1 Find  (i) -40 ÷ 10  (ii) -48 ÷ 1 (iii) -81 ÷ (-9) (iv) 51 ÷ … Read more

Multiplication of integer worksheet with answer

Q.1 State the sign of the products without actually multiplying the integers 

(i) (-8)×(-3)×(-4)×(-6) 

(ii) (-5)×(-10)×(-9) 

(iii) 1×(-6)×4×(-2) 

Q.2 Find the product of following 

(i) -18×19 

(ii) 100000×1 

(iii) (-1)×537 

(iv) -11×(-11)×(-11) 

Q.3 Find the following products using suitable properties 

(i) 725×(-35)+(-725)×65 

(ii) 8×67×(-125)×(-1) 

(iii) 8225×999+8225 

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Worksheet on addition and subtraction of integer

  Q.1 Find the value of the following addition  (i) 3+(-7) (ii) (-12)+(-1)  (iii) 1+(-3)+11 See given table  Note:  (i) In addition, we use the same given integer sign in the result as well (ii) But, in subtraction, we use the sign of number which is greater  Solution:  (i) We have, 3+(-7) First integer = … Read more

Worksheet on properties of integer

Worksheet on properties of integer

Q.1 Fill in the blanks and write the name of the property used in each case  (i) -16+(-5) = -5 +— (ii) -561 + —=-561  (iii) -18+(-4)=— Q.2 For a=-12 and ,b=4 and c =-25 find whether  (i) a and b are closed under addition  (ii) a+b=b+a  (iii) a-b=b-a  Q.3 Find a pair of integers … Read more