Worksheet on interior and exterior angle of polygon with answer

Q.1 Each interior angle of a polygon is 108º. How many sides does it have? Solution: We can solve this problem in two ways  Method: 01  We know, the sum of an interior and an exterior angle in a polygon is always 180º Given: Each interior angle of a polygon is 108º ∴      … Read more

Linear equation in one variable word problem worksheet

Q.1 The perimeter of a rectangular park is 200m . Its length is 10 m more than twice its breadth . What is the length and breadth of the park? Solution: Let the breadth of the park is x metres Then, Length =(2x+10) Metres  Perimeter of park=200m  ∴ 2(2x+10+x)=200  2(3x+10)=200  6x+20=200  6x=180  x=30  So,Breadth of … Read more

Squares and squares root class 8 :[Notes,worksheet and their PDF]

square and square root class 8

Here, you will get square and square root class 8 notes, worksheets with their PDF.So that you can prepare full concept completely. So, If you are excited about your preparation, then keep reading this article, and if you find any doubt regarding any topic. COMMENT BELOW without any hesitation. I’m here to help you The … Read more