Worksheet on addition of polynomial with solution

Q.1 Add (i) 41x²-6xy+12y²  and 11x²+2xy-7y²  (ii) 9x²-10xy-5xy² ,3x²+15xy-2xy²  and -2x²+3xy²-2xy  Q.2 What should be added to 12x²+3x-2 to obtain 3x² +9x+5 ?  Q.3 Subtract the sum of 4x²-3xy+y² and -2xy +9x²-5y² from -8x²+5xy  Q.4 Find the sum of 5x²-7xy+4y²-3x, 4x²+2xy-y², and x²+5xy-2y² +3x-y  Q.5 What must be added to x² +4x -6 to get … Read more