Square root using long division method [Worksheet]

On this page , you will get a worksheet based on square root using the long division method. So far we have learned a lot of concepts and solved many examples. Now is the time for practicing problems, but if you haven’t read basic concepts and learn to solve problems using long division method.

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Q.1 Find the square root of the following number using the long division method 

(a) 64009 

Answer: 253

(b) 3721

Answer: 61

(c) 2025

Answer: 45

(d) 813604

Answer: 902

(e) 279841

Answer: 529

(f) 1454436 

Answer: 1206

Q.2 Find the smallest 4-digit number which is a perfect square 

Answer: 1024

Q.3 Find the least number which when added to 6321 makes it a perfect square 

Answer: 79

Q.4 Find the greatest 6-digit number which is a perfect square 

Answer: 998001

Q.5 Subtract the smallest possible number from 19327 to make it a perfect square .

Answer: 6

Q.6 Find the largest 3-digit number which is a perfect square .

Answer: 961

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