CBSE Class 4 Mathematics Chapter 1 Building with Brick Worksheet

Q.1 How many Faces Does a Brick have 

(i) 4 

(ii) 5 

(iii) 6

(iv) 8 

Answer: (iii) 6

Q.2 Number of Edges in a Brick 

(a) 8 

(b) 12 

(c) 16 

(d) 10

Answer:(b) 12

Q.3 A brick is of which Geometrical Shape?

(a) Cube 

(b) Square 

(c) Cuboid 

(d) Rectangle 

Answer:(c) Cuboid

Q.4 Identify the Shape of Bricks

Building with brick worksheet





Answer: (d) Option is Correct 

Q.5 Which of the given figure Matches the face of a Brick?

Shape of bricks





Answer:(c) Face of Each brick is of Rectangular Shapes 

Q.6 Cost of 1000 bricks is 1600 Rs. What is the Cost of 100 bricks?

(a) 120 

(b) 205

(c) 160 

(d) 220 

Answer:(c) 160

Q.7 Which Wall of Brick seems to be the Weakest?

Brick's Wall

Answer: First Wall is weaker than the second One.

Q.8 How Many Bricks are used in the given Wall?

Wall of Brick Diagram

(i) 25

(ii) 30

(iii) 32

(iv) 35

Answer :option(ii) is Correct

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