5 Algebraic expression extra question with solution

Here, you will get the extra question for algebraic expression class 9 with the solution and explanation Q.1 Factorize each of the following algebraic expression (i) – (ii) +4 (iii) – Answer : (i) (x-y)(x+y)(x²+y²)(x²+y²-√2 xy )(x²+y²+√2 xy) (ii) (x²-2x+2)(x²+2x+2) (iii) (x-y)(x²+xy+y²)(+x³y³+) Explanation: (i) We have , -= -= -={(x²)²-(y²)²}(+) -=(x²-y²)(x²+y²)(+) -=(x-y)(x+y)(x²+y²)(+) -=(x-y)(x+y)(x²+y²){(x²)²+(y²)²+2x²y²-2x²y²} -=(x-y)(x+y)(x²+y²){(x²+y²)²-(√2xy)²} -=(x-y)(x+y)(x²+y²)(x²+y²-√2 … Read more

Algebraic Identities for class 9

Algebraic identities for class 9

Introduction we have already studied about algebraic expressions their addition ,subtraction ,multiplication and division .when we multiply binomial(Algebraic Expressions having two terms),we obtained the following results which is algebraic identities because it is true for all values of a and b i.e LHS=RHS (a+b)(a+b)=a²+2ab+b²             (a-b)(a-b)=a²-2ab+b²         … Read more