Finding Square root using prime factorization method

Procedure to find square root using prime factorization method  Write the prime factors of the given number  Make pairs of the equal factors  Write one factor corresponding to each pair  Multiply the obtained factors Q.1 Find the square root of 256 using the prime factorization method. Solution: 256=2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2 Make pairs  256=2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2 √256=√2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2 √256=2×2×2×2 √256=16  Q.2 … Read more

Quadratic equation worksheet with answer

Q.1 Solve the following quadratic equations by factorisation  (i) x²+6x+5=0  (ii) 9x²-3x-2=0  (iii) x²-8x+16=0 (iii) + = (v) x²+2√2x-6=0  (vi) x²-2ax+a²-b²=0  (vii) =++ Solution:  (i) We have , x²+6x+5=0  x²+5x+x+5=0  x(x+5)+(x+5)=0  (x+5)(x+1)=0  So,x=-5 or -1  (ii) We have , 9x²-3x-2=0  9x²-6x+3x-2=0  3x(3x-2)+(3x-2)=0  (3x-2)(3x+1)=0  S0, x= or (iii) We have , x²-8x+16=0 x²-4x-4x+16=0  x(x-4)-4(x-4)=0  (x-4)(x-4)=0  So,x=4  … Read more

Worksheet on degree of polynomial

In this post, you will get a worksheet based on the degree of the polynomial. Check this polynomial notes  Q.1 Write the definition of the degree of the polynomial  Solution: Degree of the polynomial: In the polynomial , the highest power of the variable in any term is called the degree of the polynomial. For … Read more

polynomial class 10 worksheet

In this post, you will get polynomial class 10 worksheet with answers in the form of PDF as well. I have included the important questions,1 mark questions, extra or hot questions of the polynomial with answers in this worksheet . So, first try to solve own yourself if you find it difficult to solve, check … Read more