Direct proportion worksheet with answer

Some important Points :  In the direct proportion, if one quatity increases, the other also increases, and If one decreases, the other also decreases  We write Quantities as = Q.1 If 192 bananas cost 320 Rs then find how many bananas can be bought for 200 Rs. Q.2 Rita covers a distance of 165 km … Read more

Types of Quadrilateral and their properties

Quadrilateral: A quadrilateral is a four-sided closed figure having four vertices, four angles, and two diagonals. In the given figure ABCD is a quadrilateral  The sum of four angles of the quadrilateral is always 360 º i.e ∠A+∠B+∠C+∠D=360º Types of Quadrilateral  There are six types of quadrilaterals based on their Properties. Let’s discuss them one … Read more

Squares and squares root class 8 :[Notes,worksheet and their PDF]

square and square root class 8

Here, you will get square and square root class 8 notes, worksheets with their PDF.So that you can prepare full concept completely. So, If you are excited about your preparation, then keep reading this article, and if you find any doubt regarding any topic. COMMENT BELOW without any hesitation. I’m here to help you The … Read more

Linear equations in one variable for class 8

Linear equation one variable for class 8

“Tired about the chapter linear equations in one variable “? Here you will learn the complete concept which will help you to solve the problems.In this article first, you will learn concept and then solution of some problems based on that concept. At the there are some practicing and challenging problems which you should must … Read more