Sin3A Cos3A Tan3A formulas

In this post, we’re going to discuss Sin3a,cos3a, and tan3a formulas. This is the concept of Trigonometric function at multiplies of angle such sin2x,…etc.We’ll see sin3a ,co3a and tan3a derivation with example . But, to derive given formulas you must know other basic trigonometric formulas.                     … Read more

Writing and solving equation from word problem worksheet

In the case of a word problem, first, we form the equation from the given statement and then solve it. Procedure to solve the word problem Step: 1 Read the given question carefully and try to understand what is given and what we have to find . Step: 2 Denote unknown quantity of equation by … Read more

Word Problem on Division of Integer

Q.1  A trader earns a profit of 5 Rs, by selling electronic toys but incurs a loss of 2 Rs by selling s soft toys from old stock. (a) On a particular day, he loses 200 Rs by selling electronic toys and soft toys. If he sold 100 electronic toys, how many soft toys did … Read more

Sequence and series class 11 worksheet

In this post ,  You will get sequence and series class 11 important question worksheet with solution.It will contains question from basic to advance level which you can use as practice paper .If you find ,it difficult to solve any problem ,you can check  the solution at the end of the worksheet .I have written … Read more

Relation and function class 11 notes

In this post, you will get Relation and function class 11 notes. So if you are interested in it, keep reading this post.I will explain every topic one-by-one.So let’s start Before reading about relation and function, there are some important terms which you must know. These terms are ordered pair and cartesian product. Let me … Read more

Permutation and combination class 11 notes

permutation and combination class 11 notes

In this post, you will get Permutation and combination class 11 notes for free. I will explain every topic of this chapter in simple language with the help of a lot of examples. So keep reading this post Before starting the definition of permutations and combinations . Here are some important terms which you must … Read more

Download Linear Inequalities class 11 chapter 6 Notes for [2021]

Linear inequation class 11 notes

Here, you will get linear inequation class 11 notes. This note will help you to score good marks in the exam. I’ve explained every concept with the help of a lot of examples and Diagrams. So, read it or download it in PDF form. Download PDF for free  Inequations You may have read about equations … Read more