Worksheet on addition of polynomial with solution

Q.1 Add (i) 41x²-6xy+12y²  and 11x²+2xy-7y²  (ii) 9x²-10xy-5xy² ,3x²+15xy-2xy²  and -2x²+3xy²-2xy  Q.2 What should be added to 12x²+3x-2 to obtain 3x² +9x+5 ?  Q.3 Subtract the sum of 4x²-3xy+y² and -2xy +9x²-5y² from -8x²+5xy  Q.4 Find the sum of 5x²-7xy+4y²-3x, 4x²+2xy-y², and x²+5xy-2y² +3x-y  Q.5 What must be added to x² +4x -6 to get … Read more

Worksheet on factor theorem with answer [7+good questions]

In this post ,you will get factor theorem worksheet with answer  Q.1 Show that (x-2) is a factor of the polynomial f(x)=2x³-3x²-17x+30  Soution: We know ,by the factor theorem if (x-2) is the factor of f(x) ,then f(2)=0 We have , f(x) = 2x³-3x²-17x+30 f(2)=2(2)³-3(2)²-17(2)+30 f(2)=2(8)-3(4)-34+30 f(2)=16-12-34+30 f(2)=0 So, (x-2) is the factor of polynomial … Read more

Fractions worksheet for class 7

Ratio and proportions for class 7

 10 fraction worksheet questions for class 7 Q.1 Convert each of the given fractions ,, into like fractions . Q.2 Solve (i) – (ii) ++ Q.3 (i) Arrange the following fractions in ascending order (a) ,,,. (ii) Arrange the following in the descending order (a) ,, , Q.4 A rectangular sheet of paper is 13 … Read more

Algebraic expressions for class 7

In previous classes, you were introduced to algebra. Now in class 7 algebraic expressions, you will read about algebraic expressions in more detail. Today, you will learn complete concepts with the help of examples,ncert solution, worksheet, and important and answer of problems which recently asked by students on this topic. So, if you have the … Read more