Multiplication of integer worksheet with answer

Q.1 State the sign of the products without actually multiplying the integers 

(i) (-8)×(-3)×(-4)×(-6) 

(ii) (-5)×(-10)×(-9) 

(iii) 1×(-6)×4×(-2) 

Q.2 Find the product of following 

(i) -18×19 

(ii) 100000×1 

(iii) (-1)×537 

(iv) -11×(-11)×(-11) 

Q.3 Find the following products using suitable properties 

(i) 725×(-35)+(-725)×65 

(ii) 8×67×(-125)×(-1) 

(iii) 8225×999+8225 

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Arranging integer in ascending and descending order

Q.1 Arrange the following integers in ascending order  (i)  -2,2,6,5,0,3, (ii) 3,-3,6,1,-5,-10 (iii) -105,73,-50,-67,45  (iv) 3,-2,1,-5,-8  Q.2 Arrange the following integers in descending order  (i) -8,3,4,-2,1,0,2 (ii) 25,20,-32,-28 ,9  (iii) -3,-6,20,-12,1,5  (iv) 4,-1,6,-10,25,5 Answer key  Problem: 01 Arrange the given integers in ascending order  (i)  -2,2,6,5,0,3 (ii) 3,-3,6,1,-5,-10 (iii) -105,73,-50,-67,45  (iv) 3,-2,1,-5,-8  Solution:  What is … Read more

Word problem on addition and subtraction of integer with answer

Check this post, if you don’t know,” how to add or subtract two or more integers “ Problem: 01 A submarine is positioned 1300m below sea level. If it ascends 450m, what is its new position? Solution:  The initial position of the Submarine is 1300m below sea level i.e   -1300m    ( Negative sign denote,” … Read more

Worksheet on addition and subtraction of integer

  Q.1 Find the value of the following addition  (i) 3+(-7) (ii) (-12)+(-1)  (iii) 1+(-3)+11 See given table  Note:  (i) In addition, we use the same given integer sign in the result as well (ii) But, in subtraction, we use the sign of number which is greater  Solution:  (i) We have, 3+(-7) First integer = … Read more

Worksheet on properties of integer

Q.1 Fill in the blanks and write the name of the property used in each case  (i) -16+(-5) = -5 +— (ii) -561 + —=-561  (iii) -18+(-4)=— Q.2 For a=-12 and ,b=4 and c =-25 find whether  (i) a and b are closed under addition  (ii) a+b=b+a  (iii) a-b=b-a  Q.3 Find a pair of integers … Read more

Worksheet on exterior angles of polygon

Important points :  The Sum of exterior angles of an n-sided polygon is 360º. Each exterior angle of n-sided regular polygon = . Let’s solve some problems to understand this concept clearly  Problem:01 Find the measure of x in the given figure : Solution:  We know, the sum of external angles of any polygon is … Read more

Worksheet on polygon angle sum theorem

Note: Sum of all angles of an n-sided polygon is given by =(n-2)×180  Problem: 01 Find the angle measure of x  Problem: 02 What is the sum of all angles of  (i) a hexagon  (ii) an octagon  (iii) a regular 14 sided polygon  Problem: 03 In the following figures, find the value of x. (i) … Read more