CBSE Class 4 Mathematics Chapter 1 Building with Brick Worksheet

Q.1 How many Faces Does a Brick have  (i) 4  (ii) 5  (iii) 6 (iv) 8  Answer: (iii) 6 Q.2 Number of Edges in a Brick  (a) 8  (b) 12  (c) 16  (d) 10 Answer:(b) 12 Q.3 A brick is of which Geometrical Shape? (a) Cube  (b) Square  (c) Cuboid  (d) Rectangle  Answer:(c) Cuboid Q.4 … Read more

Long and Short Class 4 Mathematics Worksheet With “Detailed Answer Key”

Question:01 Write down the suitable measuring units for the following Quantity ( in Km,m, or cm) (i) Length of a Pencil  (ii) Length of your Classroom Blackboard  (iii) Height of a person  (iv) Distance from your Home to School  (v) Height of your classmates  (vi) Size of your study table  Question:02 Convert Following Bigger Quantity … Read more