Real number class 10 ncert solution

In this article ,you will get complete Real number class 10 ncert solution .And at last you have 10 problems which you can practice to strengthen your concept.If you can get the complete concept of real number class 10 here Real number class ncert solutions exercise 1.1 Q.1 Use Euclid’s division algorithm to find the … Read more

How to be good at maths

  ” If you want better in maths   you have to do a lot of maths.” Are you tired of the mathematics exam? Don’t worry here you will get several tips to be good at maths. These tips are, especially for maths only. I promise you if you follow these tips, you will improve … Read more

Linear equation in two variable

Linear equation in two variable

Introduction In earlier classes, we have studied the linear equation in one variable and two variables. The general form of linear equation in one and two variables are ax+b=0 and ax+by+c=0 respectively where a,b and c are real number and a²+b²≠0. In class 10 we shall study about pair of linear equations in two variables … Read more

Quadratic equation for class 10 board 2020-21

quadratic equation class 10 notes

We have already studied about quadratic polynomial in polynomial chapter 2.And in this post ,you will get quadratic equation class 10 notes explanation in simple language .When a polynomial f(x) is equated to zero ,we get an equation .Let f(x) is quadratic polynomial ,then f(x)=0 is called quadratic equation.We know the general form of quadratic … Read more

Linear equations in one variable for class 8

Linear equation one variable for class 8

“Tired about the chapter linear equations in one variable “? Here you will learn the complete concept which will help you to solve the problems.In this article first, you will learn concept and then solution of some problems based on that concept. At the there are some practicing and challenging problems which you should must … Read more

Rational number for class 8 notes

rational number for class 8

Introduction Till now, we have studied the natural number, whole number, integers, decimal, and fraction. Now in class 8, we will study a new type of number which is called” rational number”.Here is the complete Rational number class 8 notes explanation which will help you to prepare all your concepts regarding this chapter. If you … Read more

Algebraic Identities for class 9

Algebraic identities for class 9

Introduction we have already studied about algebraic expressions their addition ,subtraction ,multiplication and division .when we multiply binomial(Algebraic Expressions having two terms),we obtained the following results which is algebraic identities because it is true for all values of a and b i.e LHS=RHS (a+b)(a+b)=a²+2ab+b²             (a-b)(a-b)=a²-2ab+b²         … Read more